Update received from Plymouth City Council at 13.15  

Postal votes in Plymouth

We have issued all postal vote packs in accordance with the regulations and this has been confirmed by our printers. However, we have been contacted by people who have not yet received their packs. We are urgently investigating this in conjunction with the Royal Mail.

We will issue replacement postal vote packs to anyone who applied for a postal vote before the deadline of 23 May and has not yet received one.

So far we have issued around 370 replacement postal vote packs to those who have contacted us.

Anyone who has not received their postal vote pack should call us on 304866 or 304936. There are a number of ways people can ensure they vote:

a)    We can issue replacement packs by Royal Mail, who have offered to do a special delivery on the same day.

b)    People can come in person at the Council House between 2pm and 9pm today (Tuesday) and between 8am and 9pm tomorrow (Wednesday). On polling day on Thursday we can issue replacement postal vote packs from 8am until 5pm, which is the legal deadline for issuing replacement postal ballots, and votes must be received by us by 10pm.

Anyone who collects their postal vote pack from the Council House can place their vote immediately in a polling booth that has been set up in the Council House.

They can also take completed postal votes to a polling station on polling day.

c)     Anyone who cannot make it to the Council House (next to the old Civic Centre in Armada Way) to pick up a replacement pack can nominate someone to collect it for them. Anyone doing this will be asked to provide identification.



Anyone collecting a replacement postal vote pack will need to bring ID.

Anyone who is not a close family member who has been nominated to collect a pack on behalf of someone else will need to bring an ID for the postal voter with them to the Council House. They will also need a letter from the postal voter confirming they have been nominated to collect it on their behalf.

This should be worded: ‘I …………………………. (insert name of voter) give authority to ………………………… (insert collector’s name) to show my ID to a Council Official at the Council House and collect my replacement postal vote pack.’


Print name

Where possible it is best to phone in advance of coming to the Council House so we get the necessary paperwork ready.